Free Concert - Danny Green Trio - Keyboard Jazz
3:00 PM - Sunday, March 01, 2015
One Hour

Danny Green and his keyboard jazz trio will present a concert in the Visitor Center Theater. The MTRP Foundation Concert Series is free to the public and scheduled at 3:00 p.m. on designated Sundays, unless indated as a Saturday, in the Visitor Center Theater. Donations appreciated.

Upcoming 2015 Concerts Scheduled To Date:

Mar 01 - Danny Green Trio - Keyboard Jazz Trio
Mar 15 - Sule Greg C. Wilson multi-instrumentalist
Mar 28 - Adrienne Nims, Saxophone and Flute (*Saturday)
Apr 19 - San Diego Harp Society
May 03 -Whispers in the Wind Storytelling "Native American Folklore
May 17- Mary Lu Brandwein and Yuki Easter - Shakuhachi & Koto with San Diego Friends of Takasumi-e Art
May 30 -Quartet Mouveau, Classical Performance (*Saturday)
Jun 07 - Caprice Strings and Francesca Savage
Jun 14 - Native American Flute Circle
Jul 05 - Many Strings, Hammer Dulcimer and Guitar
Jul 19 - Peter Sprague, Jazz Guitarist
Aug 02 - Lillian Palmer, Vocalist
Aug 23 - Amy Kanner, Celtic Harp
Aug 29 - N. Scott Robinson, World Percussion (*Saturday)
Sep 06 - Peter Pupping, Guitarist
Sep 20 - Carol Pelkner and Jim George - Marimba, Vibes, Clarinet and Flute
Oct 18 - Yale Strom Klezmer and Roma Music
Nov 28 - Fred Benedetti, Guitarist (*Saturday)