"Nature Tales and Trails" for children 4 and up
9:30 AM - Tuesday, October 13, 2015
2 Hours

"Nature Tales and Trails" is presented by the Mission Trails Regional Park Foudation and will be offered twice a month on Tuesday mornings and several Saturdays through June, 2016.

In each class, budding naturalists blend art and science with guided nature walks and classroom activities to discover nature’s wonders. Join friends as we explore the flora and fauna, geology, and history of Mission Trails Regional Park. Children will take a close look at our San Diego treasure through stories, songs, inquisitive thinking, scientific investigations, trail activities, and artistic  expression. Sessions include the value of becoming stewards of our natural heritage, and exploration of how the Kumeyaay lived a sustainable way of life in their native land. "Trails and tailes is presented by Cindy Christ.  She is an educator and naturalist, with 25 years of experience working with nature enthusiast of all ages.  Cindy is an excellent trail guide, and will enthusiastically provide a fun-filled learning experience for children. 

October 13: Near One Pond A river weaves and winds through Mission Trails providing unique habitat for a variety of life forms. We will take a close look at the San Diego River and discover her secrets. Experience the diversity of wild life, and compare and contrast the wetland with the surrounding chaparral. As naturalists, we will craft and journal our scientific observations.  More information and registration forms

October 20: Nature Detectives By making observations of nature, we can begin to understand the world around us. Let’s investigate the clues flora and fauna provide through scientific observation of natures’ evidence. We will use our senses to scout for scat, tracks and shacks along the trail. In the cool of the classroom we will artistically journal our findings using the colors and textures of nature.

November 3: Survivors Adaptations Variation of traits in species help life forms adapt to meet challenges and opportunities of their environment. Let’s walk the trail and uncover secrets of adaptation in the natural world. We will retreat to the shelter of our classroom to develop our own environment, and invent a unique species with traits for survival. Bring your scientific imagination!

November 17: In A Nutshell The web of life starts with a single seed. Discover the growth of one oak tree and it’s life giving ways. We will sit under the mighty oak and enjoy the shade of her branches with a story. Learn to define a web and food chain, an environment and habitat through crafts and activities. If you tug on a single thread in nature the whole environment is affected. We will learn the value of stewardship and gain a sense of place.

                                                                           More information and registration forms.