Free Concert - Diana Abed - accordian
3:00 PM - Sunday, February 28, 2016
One Hour

Diana Abed studied the accordion in multi-cultural Los Angeles from approximately age 6-11 (1960/70s), including Hollywood entertainment industry standards, pop tunes, and compositions of famous accordionists at that time.  Interestingly, however, as the daughter of immigrant parents, somehow she was “elected” as the family musician, leading many sing alongs and dances at celebrations of family and friends from varying ethnicities.  Even with the earliest “requests” being songs like “Three Blind Mice” (not kidding!), those family and friends were very generous with their appreciation:  one party Diana ended up with an adult-sized accordion--on the spot—from contributions of several people given--on the spot.  It is the same accordion she plays today.  Although she has knowledge of some more sophisticated types of music (including piano), Diana’s music has always reflected an almost “genetic disposition/inclination” for European/international melodies.  In short:  Diana has formally studied music; however, in all honesty, she plays primarily by ear and “heart.” 

A very separate, yet further, international influence from the early years in Los Angeles (Chinatown, Little Tokyo) includes various Asian studies, including some traditional health concepts and also Feng Shui—the Chinese art and science of placement.  Through Feng Shui Associates, Diana studies and practices Classical (or Traditional) Feng Shui—the Feng Shui used to build the Forbidden City (Beijing, 1420) to the headquarters of Ali Baba (Hangzhou, 2009).  Diana’s study of Feng Shui (Tour, Hong Kong/Shanghai October 2015) continues October 2016 (Tour, Beijing+, including the Forbidden City).  (Did you know the basis for the accordion (reeds) actually was originated in China?  Who knew?) 

Although playing accordion/piano is really “a side thing,” she has occasionally entertains groups around town. 

The MTRP Foundation sponsored concert series is free to the public, and scheduled at 3:00 p.m. on designated Sundays, unless indicated as Saturday, in the Visitor Center Theater. Donations appreciated.

Scheduled concerts to date for 2016
Feb 28 - Diana Abed - accordian
Mar 06 - Many Strings - hammered dulcimer and guitar
Mar 20 - Peter Sprague, guitar
Apr 03 - San Diego Harp Society
Apr 17 - Lillian Palmer, vocalist
May 01 - Quartet Nouveau
May 15 - Mary Lou Brandwein - Japanese Shakuhachi Flutes
May 29 - Gregory Page - internationally acclaimed guitarist
Jun 05 - Caprice Strings
Jun 12 - San Diego Native American Flute Circle
Jul 17  -  Carol Pelkner & Jim George - marimba, vibraphone and clarinet
Aug 07 - Yuko Maruyama - jazz pianist
Aug 21 -  Amy Kanner - celtic harp
Sep 18 -  H. Scott Robinson, percussion
Nov 06 -  San Diego Clarinet Quintet

Concert schedule subject to change.