NEW! Mountain bike with a MTRP Park Ranger - Guided Beginner and Family Nature Ride Series
9:00 AM - Saturday, March 05, 2016
2 hours

On the first Saturday of the month at different locations in Mission Trails Regional Park. Get to know the park and increase your skills. Join ranger Araceli Dominguez for this fun, nature and progressive beginner skills series of rides starting with a first ride on January 2, 2016 at the grassland. If you are new to riding, this is for you! Come early and volunteers from SDMBA will help you make adjustments to your bike. Every following ride will increase a little so you can try new skills and get comfortable with your bike. You can join us on some or all of the rides in this series. Remember to bring plenty of water, sunscreen and food.

Jan 2, Saturday, 2016 –Location: East Fortuna Staging area dirt lot off of Mast Blvd.
This will be an easy under 10 mile ride around the grasslands. All double track trails. Learn about the multiple habitats in the area while you get familiar with your bike. Learn shifting, braking and handling skills from SDMBA volunteers.

Feb. 6, Saturday, 2016 – Location: West Sycamore Staging Area dirt lot at the east end of Stonebridge Pwky .
Enjoy the vistas as you ride. This new area to the park is waiting to be explored. We’ll start on gently  service roads where you may see birds of prey rising to eye level on thermals from the canyons below. The habitat here is classic chaparral. We will ride a new wide single-track trail down and up through Beeler Canyon. Maximum distance will be 10 miles.

March 5, Saturday, 2016 – Location: West Fortuna Staging Area dirt lot at the east end of Clairemont Mesa Blvd.
Test your skills in this area of coastal sage with views of the ocean. We’ll ride steeper fire roads and singletrack. This will be an intermediate level ride. Be prepared for at least 10 miles of up and down riding.