Natures Trails and Tails" for Children 4 and up with Cindy Christ
9:30 AM - Tuesday, March 08, 2016
2 Hours

NEW "Natures Tales & Trails" for children 4 and up with Cindy Christ - Great class for home schooled children!

In each class, budding naturalists blend art and science with guided nature walks and classroom activities to discover nature’s wonders. Join friends as we explore the flora and fauna, geology,  and history of Mission Trails Regional Park. Children will take a close look at our San Diego treasure through stories, songs, inquisitive thinking, scientific investigations, trail activities, and artistic expression. Sessions include the value of becoming stewards of our natural heritage, and exploration of how the Kumeyaay lived a sustainable way of life in their native land. “Nature Tales and Trails” is appropriate for all children who want to hang out in a natural  environment, make new friends, and explore the natural beauty of Mission Trails. This program is ideal for home schooled children. Educator and naturalist Cindy Christ is an experienced classroomfacilitator, interpreter, and trail guide for nature enthusiasts of all ages. She brings with her over 25 years of experience in child development and education.  Class may be cancelled if there are less than 5 registered students.  Check web page under "More News."

 Each two-hour class is $10 per child.  Accompanying adults are free. Click on the link below for more information and registration form.

February 23 - Creep, Crawl and Flutterby - Insects are vitally important to the web of life. Inspect the structure of an insect and arrange the various stages of an insect’s life cycle. Stroll the trails and enjoy a flutterby craft.

March 8 - Slithering Snakes and Rattletails - Cold blooded creatures slither the trails. Some of these snakes have rattling tails. Hike a trail and become aware of safe exploration practices. Craft a slithery snake as a reminder of snake safety.

March 22 - The Mighty Oak - Follow the life cycle of an acorn as it develops into a mighty oak. Walk into the woodlands and meet the creatures that use the oak tree for food and shelter. Make an oak leaf collage and grind some acorns.

April 12 - Birds in the Bush - Meet the birds of the chaparral. What do they eat and where do they sleep? Walk through the chaparral, look and listen for clues. Craft a feathery friend.

April 26 -Woodrats, Rabbits and Deer ...Oh MY!  Mission Trails is home to a variety of mammals. An introduction to some of our furryfriends includes a comparison of traits that distinguish a mammal from other animals. Explore the trail to uncover evidence of mammal life and enjoy a classroom craft.