Earth Day program "Dryad" an Eco-Folk Musical in One Magical Act - in the outdoor amphitheater
3:00 PM - Saturday, April 22, 2017
1 Hour

We are very excited about the completion of the script and its potential as a creative form of environmental healing. The story tells of a dryad, the spirit of an oak tree, inspiring a man, through music and the magic of nature, to help save her forest. Although intended as a family friendly show, the play is not written as children's theater. Rather, with its deep ecological insights, we hope to appeal to the heart and mind of everyone who loves nature. We have a wonderful venue for our premiere, the beautiful outdoor amphitheater at Mission Trails Regional Park, in San Diego, on Earth Day of this year, Saturday, April 22, 2017 at 3:00 PM. And you are cordially invited, along with your friends and family! A wonderful way for us all to celebrate The Earth Day! The concert is free!   

Dryad is the musical partnership of Jon and Sabine Sherman who express through their original eco folk songs and improvisations on self-made branch flutes a deep love for the natural world, with concern for its preservation and restoration. Embracing a bioregional perspective, they perform locally at many Earth-friendly events around Southern California, singing for the rights of nature and for the creation of regenerative human culture.    Jon & Sabine Sherman