Mountain Bike with a MTRP Ranger Nature Ride Series
9:00 AM - Saturday, November 11, 2017
2 hours

Want to get to know the park and increase your mountain bike skills? Join Ranger Araceli Dominguez for this fun series of rides in nature. Come early and volunteers from the SD Mountain Biking Association will help you make adjustments to your bike. Remember to bring plenty of water, wear a helmet and sunscreen. Rides will be cancelled due to wet trails.

Ride 2: Moderate/Fit Beginner:  Meet at the West Sycamore Staging Area dirt lot (WS) at the east end of Stonebridge Parkway. This new area of MTRP is waiting to be explored! We will start on gentle service roads where you may see birds of prey rising from the canyons below. Ride a new single track trail down and up through Beeler Canyon. Maximum distance will be 10 miles and recommended for moderate/fit beginners.