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November MTRP Task Force Meeting CANCELED

MTRP Citizens' Advisory Committee Meeting - January 6, 2015

MTRP CAC and Task Force Funding Priorities and Future Needs

MTRP CAC Meeting Schedule

MTRP Task Force Meeting Schedule

MTRP CAC Meeting Minutes

MTRP Task Force Meeting Minutes

MTRP Event Application / Permit Approval Process

MTRP CAC Operating Rules

MTRP CAC and Task Force Good Neighbor Policy with San Diego County Water Authority

November MTRP Task Force Meeting CANCELED
The November 20th MTRP Task Force meeting has been canceled. The next meeting of the Task Force will be held on Thursday,January 15, 2015, at the Visitor Center. The Task Force meets at 1:00 PM on the third Thursday of odd numbered months.

Scroll down the left side of the webpage for links to additional information about the Task Force, the Citizens Advisory Committee, and their respective meeting minutes.

All Task Force meetings are open to the public.

Downloadable File  DOWNLOAD   Proposed 2015 Task Force meeting dates

Downloadable File  DOWNLOAD   2014 Task Force meeting dates

encompasses nearly 5,800 acres of both natural and developed recreational acres Its rugged hills, valleys and open areas represent a San Diego prior to the landing of Cabrillo in San Diego Bay in 1542.
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